Running a Business

Where Will Your Goals Take You?

Last year redefined the art of pivot. It would be surprising if there was anyone who could say everything went to plan. Be it cancelled holidays, balancing being children home-schooled whilst working or even lockdowns we had never experienced before. But how did that affect your goals?

The rise of working from home has questioned many people’s aspirations.  The days of pressured workplaces to grow someone else’s business have matured. With your employer knowing that you will be within email reach 24/7, lines of work-life balance are starting to blur once again. Last year also saw a sharp rise in redundancies with airlines, pubs and retail chains all announcing some levels of cutbacks.

Yet could there be light arising from 2020’s darkness?

For many, last year has affirmed that being a business owner is the right decision. Being able to make your own timetable, being accountable to yourself and feeling pride in every aspect of your business is what drives many on a daily basis. They are not alone.

There was a 112% rise during Q3 2020 (as compared to Q3 2019) in companies registered at Companies House. We are seeing consumer habit changes to shop local and support your community. Last summer saw “Eat Out to Help Out”, while this might not have helped COVID-19 cases, it did contribute to a quarterly increase in GDP of 15.5%. This demonstrates how much pent-up demand there is within the UK.

This year is the perfect time to test your business theory. With the nation sitting at home feeling the lockdown blues, can your goal spark their imagination? How will you make sure 2021 is the year you achieve them?

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